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Powerlifting Vs. Olympic Lifting: What’s The Difference?

By on May 3, 2014

Commentary:  One of the first questions new crossfitters always ask me is, “what is the big difference between powerlifting, regular weightlifting, and olympic lifting?” To end the speculation check out this great article to give the best explanation.

They are all strength sports. You can do them competitively or just do them in the gym. In fact many studio gyms, Crossfit affiliates and internet gurus now regularly feature moves and skills from these sports in their programmes (such as power clean or farmers walk) and naturally people are curious as to where they come from.

Incidentally these are not the only strength sports. Others include all-round weightlifting, highland games, grip, arm wrestling, girevoy sport (kettlebells) and the heavy athletics events of hammer, shot put, discus, javelin and weight pentathlon (although these are also in their own category of ‘throwing sports’).

You won’t see any of these on television in the UK however as the British media is obsessed with team sports, motor sports and running (and once every four years the ‘sitting down’ sports of cycling, rowing and sailing).

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